New Year Kick Off

Strength Training is my 2014 new year resolution. I’ve started yesterday.

My exercise routine for now:

3 sets of 1 pull ups
3 sets of 1 chin ups
3 sets of 5 push ups
1 sets of 25 sit ups
3 sets of 60 counts jump rope
3 sets of 10 squat with 20 lbs. bar bell

I haven’t work out the detail of my training runs yet. I mentioned that I am an avid runner. Last year’s new year resolution was to run 1,000 miles using Runkeeper application on my smart phone. I accomplished that last week.

Well, this is how I will start my 2014, a commitment to be stronger so I can be a better runner and improve my personal record in 2014.


ເດືອນທັນວາ 27, 2013 · 8:38 am